Invite us to your parties and gatherings...

Whether dressed up, or dressed down, Peggy Rose's jellies, spread and champagne mustard

fits... take a look below at some of our recipes and suggested uses.

Sticky Butter Charred Wings


Game time or suppertime winner!  Just 3 simple ingredients is all you need... we think you will want to have these often! 

We surely do...

Game Day Monte Cristo Sliders


These fun little sliders are a great way to feed a crowd. You can even make and freeze to have on hand when folks drop by. 

Kid friendly too!

Peggy Rose's Sweet n'Hot Cocktail Sauce


Keep a jar of this handy in your fridge to give your

fish and seafood a perfect finish!  

Peggy Rose's Candied Roasted Pecans


Every gathering needs nuts... and our roasted pecans are a little bit sweet and a little bit salty-savory! Great alongside meats and cheese on charcuterie boards.

Peggy Rose's Rosey Pimento Cheese


We all love pimento cheese... make yours (or store-bought) a little special with our secret ingredient!

Pork Tenderloin Sheet Pan Supper with Sweet Potatoes & Caramelized Onions


Your folks will love this one... and these sliders are great for your game-watching crowd or simply for supper.

The BEST Crispy Tempura & Calamari


Who doesn't love crispy crunchy tempura?  With this simple recipe, you can enjoy at home... dipped in warmed Peggy Rose's Jelly! 

Peggy's Really Rosey Oysters!


Calling all oyster eaters... 3 ingredients to the BEST!  Our sauce is perfect, but we also love splashing on some Texas Pete too.

Peggy Rose's Cream Cheese & Pepper Jelly Sausage Balls


Enjoy our sausage balls with warm Hot Pepper Jelly drizzled over, or swirl into softened cream cheese for a dip!

A perfect pairing...Cheerwine Holiday Punch & Peggy Rose's Sausage Balls!


We love pairing our jellies with other North Carolina made goodies... like Cheerwine!

"Big Mama's Sticky Biscuits"


"Big Mama's Sticky Biscuits" couldn't be any easier.

Big Mama (grandma) made hers by scratch but you can

grab a bag of frozen tea biscuits... thaw a bit, give 'em your thumbprint and a dab of jelly! Pop in the oven (or toaster oven) for about 12 minutes and dust with some fresh ground black pepper hot out of the oven.

Add a side o'country ham and ring the breakfast bell! 

Fun for nibbling at office parties and tailgates too. and ways to use Peggy Rose's pepper jellies and mustard


Peggy Rose's Champagne Mustard and jellies make just about any kind of sandwich special! Including Collard Sandwiches... with roots here in NC with the Lumbee Indians in Robeson County. Enjoy with a glass of cool black-peppered buttermilk!
And don’t fret over cook'n collards. Just pick some up from your local country cook'n restaurant! Find a recipe to make simple cornbread crisps (and collards) here...
These things are a HUGE hit at parties too... make some! 

"Everything" Country Ham Biscuits!


Our Champagne Mustard pairs perfectly with any of our jellies or cranberry spread on a NC Country Ham biscuit! 

Brush tops of warm biscuits ~ scatter with Everything Bagel Mix!

Take tailgating, or fix for breakfast during the holidaZe.

Cranberry Brie & Pear Pop Tarts


Cranberry, Brie & Pear Pop Tarts made with crispy buttery phyllo pastry will WoW your friends with the surprise inside. Perfect during the holiday season with our Cranberry Pepper Fruit Spread, but any of our jellies can be used instead!

Peanut Butter, Apple & Hot Pepper Jelly Tea Sandwiches


These fun Peanut Butter, Apple & 

Hot Pepper Jelly Tea Sandwiches are a collaborative recipe with our friend Dani @ Baker's Southern Traditions in Roxobel, NC.

Make bite site, or big size... just make some! 

Cranberry Pepper Fruit Spread Swirled Muffins with Cranberry Pepper Butter!


Start your mornings with warm muffins that bake while you get ready to run out the door.  We used our Cranberry Pepper Fruit Spread but exchange for any of our jellies!

Be sure to make and keep Cranberry Pepper Butter on hand!

Cranberry Glazed Roasted Acorn Squash


This dish is not only tasty but makes a beautiful presentation. And the recipe can be made in a flash! Keep our Cranberry Pepper Fruit Spread on hand... but our jellies will work too.

Rosey Cranberry Applesauce


Who doesn't love applesauce?  Even the children will like this one. Make a pot full to freeze, or small batches at the time.

Let us know how you enjoy our Rosey Applesauce.

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes in cranberry puddle w/parslied walnut & orange pesto!


 Serve these sweet and savory sweet potatoes alongside any sorts of meats... also nice with a salad for a light lunch. 

Cranberry Brie & Pear Pop Tarts

Cranberry, Brie & Pear Pop Tarts made with crispy buttery phyllo pastry will WoW your friends with t

 Cranberry, Brie & Pear Pop Tarts made with crispy buttery phyllo pastry will WoW your friends with the surprise inside. Perfect during the holiday season with our Cranberry Pepper Fruit Spread, but any of our jellies can be used instead! 

Glazed Brussels Sprouts


Whirl your favorite jelly or spread into warm roasted Brussels sprouts! Toss in fruit and nuts. Here, we have added chopped apples and scattered with chopped walnuts, bacon and dried cherries!

Up next... ???


Do you have a great recipe using any of our Peggy Rose's products?  We would love to hear from you... 

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So many ways to use our products...


Pepper Jelly Drumsticks on Food52!

Grilled Duck Breasts with Hot Pepper Jelly Glaze on Edible Piedmont/Fred Thompson

 · Serve on Biscuits or Cornbread… with or without butter!

· Of course, enjoy on a good bagel with cream cheese too.

· Spoon over top of Brie or Camembert… or other soft cheeses! Great with blues. 

Serve room temp, or warm the cheese with jelly for you melted cheese lovers.

· Dip’n… get creative! Whirl our jelly into warmed cheese for the best peppery cheesy dip ever. Especially great in pimento cheese, cold or warmed. 

Serve with celery stix and other veggies, chips, crackers or pork skins for low carb option!

· Melt our Hot Pepper Jelly and use as the best dip for egg rolls and chicken tenders! And most fried foods (like seafood and tempura). Drizzle over fried chicken instead of honey... oh YES!

· Jalapeno Poppers really DO “pop” when you brush on hot pepper jelly before popping into the oven!

· Use our pepper jelly when making thumbprint cookies.

· Peanut Butter and Pepper Jelly Sandwiches… kid friendly! 

Especially good with our Golden Pepper Jelly ~ loaded with Vit C

· Spicy Sandwich Spread… mix equal parts mayo and any of our pepper jellies! 

Especially good on BLTs.

· Glazed Stir Fry Veggies… cook as usual in hot skillet or wok. Stir in a bit of jelly and remove from heat… a great glaze for most all vegetables... especially roasted Brussels Sprouts!!

FAMILY FAVORITE!!   Great with grilled pimento cheese, cheddar, baby Swiss or gruyere cheese sandwiches! Butter your bread of choice, add your cheese, a dollop of Hot Pepper jelly and cook. Finish with a smear or ramekin of pepper jelly to dip in… You’ll never eat a grilled cheese plain again!


BURGERS... SMASHburgers!...   Best.Burger.Ever! Warm a bit of your favorite Peggy Rose's jelly and drizzle over your favorite burgers!  Oh.My.GOODNESS... be sure to have a big side of napkins for these succulent burgers!

Ranch Chicken… whisk our jelly or spread into your favorite Ranch ~ smother chicken and cook until chicken is done. This can be done with cooked rotisserie chicken too!


Saucy Sweet Meatballs… add your favorite Peggy Rose jelly to store bought or your own cooked meatballs in a crock pot. You won’t go wrong serving these anytime, or taking tailgating!

Finger Lick’n Ribs… cook your ribs as usual in oven or grilled. Once done, brush on melted pepper jelly for the best glaze ever!

Hot Candied Bacon…   you’ll have lots of new friends once they have this! Line baking pan with foil or parchment paper (to catch drips). Put cake cooling racks on pan and lay strips of bacon onto racks. Brush with melted hot pepper jelly. Bake at 325⁰ for 10 minutes, flip, and bake about 10 more minutes until crisp.

Fire & ICE CREAM…  that’s right! Peggy Rose has fans that love our jellies warmed up just a bit and drizzled over their ice cream. Give it a try.

Cheesecake…  Swirl our hot pepper jelly into your favorite cheesecake mixture for a true southern twist to a classic dessert!

Does your holiday ham need a glaze? ...our jellies and spread warmed a bit make a perfect glaze… and even better with butter in it!

Speaking of glazing....  our jellies and cranberry pepper fruit spread will glaze just about anything!  Warm with butter and you're all set.  Whirl in dried or fresh herbs for an added layer of flavor!


 · Ham & Turkey Sandwiches… make yours special with our Champagne Mustard and any of our pepper jellies or spread

· Enjoy a southern favorite… an “almost burnt” fried bologna sandwich. Our spicy mustard is great on that crispy char.


Perfect pairings for all kinds of CHARCUTERIE platters/cheese boards/appetizers/tapas/hors d’oeuvres topped with Peggy Roses Pepper Jellies & Champagne Mustard



And of course, Vintage PORTS...